Information for Leaders

Online Registration is now Live for all units in the Ventura County Council!  When potential Scouting families find your unit using they will have the availability to complete an online registration and join your unit right away.  (currently, this feature is only available for new youth and adults registrations)  Make sure that your unit’s pin is active and correct.  You can manage your unit's pin here.  

Once a lead has been submitted, your key unit leaders will receive notification and will be able to digital sign/approve a youth application.  Applications paid with by a credit card will be processed as soon as the approval is complete and the Scouts will appear on your roster immediately.  Scouts can pay with check or cash but your unit will still need to turn that payment in with a printed voucher the Council Service Center.  Remember, if your unit charges dues, you are unable to collect them through this system.  When you update your pin, you will be able to note those costs so that families know there may be additional fees included with registration.

Units can also use this process to invite youth to apply to your unit.  Instructions on how to do so are included in the Online Registration Guidebook below.  

To make sure your unit is active and able to receive applications check out the Online Registration Guidebook for Units and these online Training Videos.

There are lots of great resources in the links above.  As you work and navigate Online Registration check out this link for FAQs!  There are lots of great questions answered as part of this document.

Watch for more information in the coming weeks on how to best utilize this system as part of your Fail Roundup!

Special Message to LDS Units

Units chartered to the LDS Church are automatically recognized in the online registration system.  Your registration fees will continue to be paid directly by the Church headquarters in Salt Lake City.  Therefore, your invoice should show a balance of $0.00 for registration fees.

However, families will be given the opportunity to purchase Boys' Life magazine, which is not covered by the Church and will be on the invoice at checkout for the family to pay.  Resources and information for LDS leaders can be found here.