The Eagle Scout Rank

The following steps for preparing and submitting the Eagle Scout Rank application and accompanying materials will help prevent delays in securing National Council approval and certification.  These steps are from the 2011 BSA publication ‘Guide to Advancement’ in relation to the Ventura County Council Advancement Committee.

1)        Complete all the requirements.   Confirm for yourself that all the requirements have been completed.  All requirements including unit leader (Scoutmaster) conference must occur before your 18th birthday.  Once you have completed the requirements submit your Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, Eagle Scout Rank Application and statement of ambitions and life purpose to the Ventura County Council Scout Office.   Once your information has been verified it will be sent to the District Advancement Committee to schedule Board of Review. 

2)       Prepare the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook.   The most current workbook must be used.  It can be found by clicking on this link:  Eagle Scout Workbook .  You should read the workbook entirely before you begin.  The new workbook requires you to submit your Project Proposal to your District Advancement Committee for approval (Your unit leader, unit advancement coordinator, or council or district advancement chair may help you learn how to complete this requirement).  The next step is the Final Plan, this is a tool for your use, no one approves it but it is strongly encouraged for you to share with your project coach or the district person that approved your proposal.  If you would like to share with the district person that approved your proposal you can submit to the District Advancement Committee.  After completion of your Final Plan it is important for you to read the ‘Procedures and Limitations on the Eagle Scout Service Project Fundraising’ before you begin to complete the Fundraising Application.  The application must be submitted to the District Advancement Committee at least two weeks in advance of your fundraising efforts.  You will be contacted by the District Advancement committee for approval.  Once you have obtained all the necessary approvals you can then begin your service project.  Upon completion of the project fill out the Eagle Scout Service Project Report and continue to the next step.  

3)       Complete the Application.   The Scout must complete the official Eagle Scout Rank application, No. 512-728 (2014 printing - New!).  No other form or application method is permitted.  A fillable PDF can be found here: 2014 Eagle Scout Rank Application    Once submitted your application will be verified by the Ventura County Council; discrepancies and errors will lead to your application being returned for corrective action.  You should pay special attention the following red-flag items.

a.      Dates: Joining, birth, First Class through Life boards of review, all merit badges, positions of responsibility with “From” and “To,” Eagle service project final signature, Scoutmaster (unit leader) conference, Eagle board of review, and other signatures called for below.

b.       Signatures: Applicant, unit leader and unit committee chair.  (Remaining signatures come later.)

c.       References: Must list all six (five if not employed).  If not affiliated with an organized religion, then the parent or guardian provides this reference.

d.      Merit badges: Dates as mentioned above; also check unit number in which each badge was earned.  Attach the application for Alternative Eagle Scout Rank Merit Badges, if applicable.

e.      Position of responsibility: Must be one of those listed for Eagle Scout Rank, and must relate to the unit where the Scout is registered and active.

f.        Attachments: Service project workbook, statement of ambition and life purpose, and listing of positions, honors, and awards.

4)       Obtain Required Signatures.   The unit leader and committee chair signatures represent approval for the candidate to move on to a board of review.  In providing them, the signers carefully check the application.  If there are “red-flag” issues such as time spans between ranks that don’t meet the requirements, then the dates should be confirmed.  If they are correct but do not fit the requirement, then the Scout, parents, or unit leader should contact the district advancement chair for guidance.  Usually, as with unavoidable discrepancies, a letter of explanation will be helpful in addressing the issue.

5)       Submit to Ventura County Council.   A copy should be made of the application, service project workbook, and the other attachments before submitting originals.  One copy should be retained for your records.    

6)       Council Verifies Application and Board of Review Scheduled by District Advancement Committee.   Everything is checked against council records.  If information in ScoutNET or council files is incomplete, the Scout or the unit will be asked to provide certificates, blue cards, or other suitable proof that merit badges and ranks were duly earned and that the dates are accurate.

7)       References Contacted.   To complete the application, you are required to list references of people that will speak on your behalf. At the same moment in which you confirm your references willingness to participate, please either e-mail them the link to or download and send them a copy of the Sample Reference Letter and Return Envelope specifics so that they can appropriately assist you in meeting this requirement.  

8)       Application Returned to the Council Service Center.   If the board of review approves you a candidate to the rank of Eagle Scout the signed application, reference letters and other confidential information will be returned to the VCC service center.  Your workbook, statement of ambitions and life purpose will be returned to you.  If approval is denied all materials are returned to VCC.  You will be given instructions on your next course of action.    

9)       Council Sends Application to National Advancement Team.   In special cases manual submission of applications will occur and may delay processing at the National Advancement Team.

10)   National Advancement Team Returns Credentials.   You should not schedule your Court of Honor till you receive your credentials.